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Cards for companies that want to save money.
The American Express® Corporate Card program
for mid-sized and large companies
There is a better way to manage expenses and ensure corporate savings. The American Express® Corporate Card program enhances control throughout the purchasing and payment process, and provides the options and tools you need to manage your program efficiently. An American Express Corporate Card program can help deliver significant savings across all key expense categories.

Work with American Express to maximize control of your expense management process and save your company both time and money. We offer multiple ways to simplify expense management and drive savings:

  • Streamline expense submission, processing, and reimbursement
  • Gain insight into and control over out-of-policy spending
  • Get more from your spend with automatic Savings at Work® program point of sale discounts and rebates1 plus eligible Cardmembers can earn Membership Rewards® points2
Our Corporate Card programs offer flexible features and options to help you manage business expenses.

American Express Corporate Card
  • Greater control over T&E and everyday business expenses
  • Savings through automatic cash rebates or incentives
  • Services that provide peace of mind
American Express Executive Corporate Card
  • Enhanced comfort while traveling
  • A more secure travel experience
  • Greater savings across travel expenses with car rental privileges
Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express
  • World-class benefits for extraordinary comfort while traveling
  • Complimentary access to exclusive rewards
  • Premium concierge services

Terms and Conditions

Annual Fees: An annual Card fee and a fee for enrollment in the Membership Rewards program both apply. The annual fee for the American Express Corporate Green Card is $55. The annual fee for the Executive Corporate Card is $100. The annual fee for the Corporate Platinum Card is $395. Annual fee to enroll a Corporate Card in the Membership Rewards program is $90. The annual fee to enroll a Global Dollar Card Corporate Card is $75. Annual fees are subject to change upon notice.

1. Pursuant to the Savings at Work ("SAW") Program, eligible, active, mid-size corporate clients of American Express can receive an end-of-year rebate on qualifying purchases made with the American Express Corporate Card at participating SAW partners. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. For more information, visit to get a copy of the complete SAW terms and conditions or consult your Program Administrator ("PA"). If you are a PA, please call 888-AXP-4444 (888-297-4444) for eligibility and restrictions.

2. The Membership Rewards program: Enrollment required. The annual program fee to enroll a Corporate Card is $90. The annual fee to enroll a Global Dollar Card Corporate Card is $75. Some Corporate Cards are not eligible for enrollment. Participating Membership Rewards partners, available rewards, and point levels are subject to change without notice. Eligibility is based upon company’s participation in the Membership Rewards program. For full Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program, please see

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